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Explore The Grand Tetons

Updated: Jan 14

Our favorite photos from one of our top National Parks to visit, mixed in with a little first hand experience and a lot of cute and cuddly animal shots! Warning: you may want to buy ALL these to display at home! You've been warned. (and yes, you should act on that impulse)

The Grand Tetons National Park is a destination for everyone seeking adventure, breathtaking landscapes, Instagram-worthy photo ops, and the IRL encounters with wildlife and nature.

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Now....onto the blog post


WHERE TO STAY- Jackson Hole, Wyoming

On his last trip in 2022 to the Grand Tetons, Mike stayed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What picturesque little town! Winter is exceptionally beautiful. He chose a quaint little lodge called Lexington at Jackson Hole. The walkability of this town is perfect!


Animal Encounters Of The Next Kind...

Bull Moose, Grand Tetons. Photo Credit- Mike Carmo

The Grand Tetons National Park is well known for a lot of things, its vast wildlife is one of them. While some creatures like to stay hidden, others aren't afraid to make their presence know. I've said it in the past and it bears repeating, please observe a healthy distance from all wildlife! YOU are now in THEIR space. Respect these majestic creatures and help preserve their homes!

Like this moose? Purchase it here!

Running Bison, The Grand Tetons. Photo Credit: Mike Carmo

The Grand Tetons NP is home to a whopping SIXTY-ONE different mammal species! Every time our photographer heads there he has a different animal he's set his sights on. Sometimes he lucks out and see them, other times he strikes out but unintentionally happens upon a different animal to photograph. Mike says, any time I am at a location for the very first time its more about me getting used to the area, scoping it out, and learning the surroundings.

This running bison was photographed in November of 2022 during an exceptionally snowy few days.


Mormon Village

Mormon Row has two of the most photographed barns in the US, if not the world. The above picture is the John Moulton Barn. The TA Moulton Barn is just south of this location. Here, the Tetons provide the classic backdrop for this iconic barn. You can now purchase this photo, add custom matting and framing, by clicking here!



This Pronghorn posed perfectly, didn't he! Very photogenic! Your trip to the Grand Tetons NP isn't complete without a visit to the Antelope Flats. The pronghorn is the second fastest land mammal on earth, behind the African cheetah. They sustain high speeds longer than the cheetah, astonishingly enough! Other fun facts about this speed racer, it's the only animal in the world that have forked hooves that shed every year, their horns share characteristics of both the horn and the antler, AND there are more pronghorns in The Grand Tetons NP than there are people! Whew! SO many cool facts. Make sure to check out this bad boy at our online store!



The Grand Tetons is a fabulous place to go bird watching. There you'll have the opportunity to see not only the largest waterfowl in North America (trumpeter swan) but also the smallest bird in North America (calliope hummingbird)! You'll also likely come across osprey, golden and bald eagles, western tangers and so many more. Did you know that the bald eagle was once a threatened species but has recently made an amazing comeback?

Mike has spent the past 7 years photographing eagles to the point where I swear they seek HIM out! He is the eagle whisperer, don't ya think? Check out the bald and golden eagle shots on our online store, along with other Birds of Prey!


Grizzly Bear

Well, hello there Mr Bear who can eat my face off! The Grand Tetons is a great place to go admire the endangered grizzly bear from a distance... and thankfully your beloved photographer has the perfect equipment to ensure he never needs his bear spray. Some safety tips on hiking and camping in the back country of the Tetons:

  1. Carry bear spray!

  2. Do your research- know how to tell the difference between grizzly and black bears.

  3. Get appropriate permits through the park service for camping.

  4. Always be in communication with loved ones telling them when and where your excursions start and what time you expect to finish for the day.


Breath-taking Landscapes

The Grand Teton National Park was established in 1929 by President Calvin Coolidge. The park is a sub-range of the Rocky Mountain range and it's entirety is part of the Snake River drainage basin. The park is home to a host of animals, ranging from vast numbers to the endangered. The park is filled with hiking trails, swimming holes, and picturesque lakes!

The iconic mountain range of The Grand Tetons as seen here from Mormon Row.


Do you have a favorite part of the park you want to share? We'd love to hear from you! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and IG!

- Gen

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