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Taking Inspiration from Nature

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

"Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

Oh Baby (bear) we have a blog!

This website, blog, and future online gallery store is a joint effort between father and daughter. He is the creative genius behind the camera, she is the aspiring social media and marketing entrepreneur.

You Don't Take a Photograph, You Make It.

-Ansel Adams

Growing Up With Photography

Growing up as a photographer's daughter, I gained a different perspective than my peers. I learned to look at the world around me through a different lens. As a child, I loved taking photos with my mom's camera on film. When digital cameras became the new craze I embraced the new freedom of limitless photos being taken. Its crazy how in my lifetime I have been able to witness the transition from film to digital. My dad spent so many sleepless nights developing enlargements from negatives in the basement darkrooms of his studio for sporting events the next day. The smell of the chemicals brings back so many memories of childhood. Songs my dad listened to while working in the dark will forever be favorites of mine: Elvis, Niel Diamond, ZZTop.

When I had kids of my own I remember cherishing each roll of film and carefully plotting out what moments were worthy of a snap of the shutter. Some moments got their own roll, birthday parties, baptisms, family reuinions, while others got just a few clicks- kids playing on the swings, a baby taking its first steps, first day of school pictures. Sending that film off for development was a lengthy wait while pick up was like Christmas Day!

Digital Photography has changed the way we capture our day to day lives. We now carry a camera with us everywhere; every moment has become a potential photograph. Ansel Adams once said that 12 good photos over the course of a year was an accomplishment, and now we can accomplish that all before breakfast.

Photographers now have the challenge of standing out, having something different than everyone around them with a camera in their back pockets. As a professional photographer you have to show the world you're not like the rest of the lot, you are unique, that you have the talent and experience to not only capture a good photo but also capture the essence of the subject.

My dad's wildlife photography started as a hobby, something to do while he was not out at sporting events. I've watched that hobby turn into a fire of passion. When the pandemic hit, he had the perfect excuse to disappear into the woods and wetlands for solitude. Photography became the perfect "social distancing" for his growing hobby. Facebook "likes" became a new obsession. As his followers grew, his shares and likes on photographs did as well. He was gaining popularity among the photographer community: he was starting to make a name for himself in a new world of photography.

I hope my adventure into blogging will help bring my dad's photography into the homes of more people. I plan to share his road trips, day trips, favorite photo spots, favorite photos, tricks and tips, and more. We are working on putting up an online store where visitors can purchase directly from our site things like gallery-worthy prints, canvas, and cards. Please subscribe to our mailing list!

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